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See the structure behind your tasks

If you need to manage more than just a simple list.

download taskfabric trial download taskfabric trial download taskfabric trial
The smart choice for managing your Tasks!
Taskfabric helps you to achieve your personal and business goals by syncing your tasks, projects and shared lists so you can focus on getting your tasks done.

Try it now!

Free trial editions are available for Windows, OSX, iOS and Android

Your whole day at a glance, no matter where you are!
Start a productive day with a look at the Next Actions panel or get a quick overview with the Project Dashboard.
download taskfabric trial
From Idea to Implementation in no time!
Use the integrated Map and WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) views to visualize your tasks. Just to make sure you never loose sight of the big picture.
download taskfabric trial
Work on your tasks. Anywhere. Anytime.
Autosync transfers any changes to all your signed up devices instantly. No manual sync. Available on all major platforms.
download taskfabric trial download taskfabric trial download taskfabric trial download taskfabric trial
Unlock your potential
Take the complexity out of task management

Everything in one place

Organize:Me Organize:Pro Taskfabric

Manage your private, family and team tasks in one place

Daily Planner

Organize:Me Organize:Pro Taskfabric

The "My Day" panel shows you what to do next


Organize:Me Organize:Pro Taskfabric

Set single or recurring reminders for your tasks

Task Notes

Organize:Me Organize:Pro Taskfabric

Add formatted notes to your tasks

Attach Files

Organize:Me Organize:Pro Taskfabric

Attach photos, PDFs or spreadsheets to your tasks


Organize:Me Organize:Pro Taskfabric

Track your tasks by context (people, locations and events) - real GTD-style

Color Code

Organize:Me Organize:Pro Taskfabric

Label and color code your tasks and projects

Professional task management features
If you need to manage more than just a simple list

Action, Information, Decision

Organize:Pro Taskfabric

Mark items as Actions, Information or Decisions to organize any meeting


Organize:Pro Taskfabric

Track tasks and delegate by roles (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed)

Mind Map and WBS Support

Organize:Pro Taskfabric

Display your task list as LR-Diagram or Work Breakdown Structure

Project Templates

Organize:Pro Taskfabric

Save your projects as templates or use pre-defined templates

Progress Tracking

Organize:Pro Taskfabric

Track the progress history of your tasks

Project Dashboard

Organize:Pro Taskfabric

Keep track of your KPIs and key projects in one place


Organize:Pro Taskfabric

Use integrated templates or customize your own print template

Get your work done wherever you are
Integrated with all major platforms

Work Offline

Organize:Me Organize:Pro Taskfabric

Real native applications that work without network access. Unlike web based tools you can work on a plane or when out of network reach

Auto-Sync across devices

Organize:Me Organize:Pro Taskfabric

Access your tasks with native Apps on iOS, Android, OSX and Windows

Team Sharing


Share projects with your Team


Organize:Me Organize:Pro Taskfabric

Import from OSX Reminders, MindManager and Freemind

Email Integration

Organize:Me Organize:Pro Taskfabric

Use Task-by-Mail to email tasks directly to your task manager or drop any Email from Apple Mail and Outlook

Calendar Integration

Organize:Me Organize:Pro Taskfabric

Display your upcoming calendar events in the sidebar on supported platforms

Free Web Access

Organize:Me Organize:Pro Taskfabric

Access your tasks from any web browser for free! You can even share your tasks with anyone for free!

Built for freelancers, project managers and professional users.

plays well with your office apps

With powerful features to manage large task lists, track task delegations and task progress.

easily manage complex projects

Your perfect companion for every meeting and for managing projects.

supports leading task and project management standards

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