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Taskfabric, Organize:Pro and Organize:Me 4.0.16 for Windows and OSX

We've finished the big renovation and rebuilt all our products on a common platform for more stability, faster introduction of new features and a new look and feel on all your devices.

Release 4.0.16 brings stability improvements and bug fixes to Taskfabric, Organize:Pro and Organize:Me.

Fixes and Improvements in V4.0.16

  • Fixed quick add editor (crash on open)

Fixes and Improvements in V4.0.12

  • Fixed note editor window (crash on edit)

  • Fixed reminders (displayed as notifications again)

Fixes and Improvements in V4.0.9

  • Fix in-app purchase activation

  • Added "Share" button to task details inspector for easily sharing single tasks with anybody by email

Fixes and Improvements in V4.0.6

  • 32 bit Windows: Fixed a startup issue

  • Improved licensing and upgrade options

  • Fixed "Rate me" links

Major Improvements and Changes in V4

  • Light and Dark color sets and improved user interface

  • Manual sorting for task lists enabled by default

  • New "My Day" Panel for a quick overview

  • Drop any email or file on Taskfabric to create new tasks or attachments

  • Faster load times and improved response times

  • Improved cloud integration with direct access to Task-by-Mail

Managing complex task lists and projects on all your devices has never been that easy! Taskfabric 4 includes over 100 changes and new features. Windows and Mac editions are available on our web site starting today. Updates for the AppStore for Mac and iOS, Microsoft Store and Google Play will follow within the next weeks.

Download and try it now!

Windows 64 bit (Installer) 

Windows 32 bit (Installer) 

The Windows edition has been tested and approved for Windows 7 and newer. 

Mac OSX 

The Mac edition has been tested and approved for Mac OSX 10.9 and newer. Give it a try run and let us know what you think. If you find any issue, please contact us at

Release 4.0 is a free update for existing customers on Windows or Mac. If you purchased your license on the AppStore or another store, you will get the update there, once it is released. We will release updates for all platforms and for our web site within the next weeks. 

iOS, Android and Windows Store

Update for all other platforms will be available within the next days.

Additional USB Installers 

If you want to run our applications without local setup, i.e. to start it directly from a flash drive or if you have corporate restrictions on software installations, use the USB editions below.

Windows 64 bit (USB) 

Windows 32 bit (USB) 



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