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Zooming Task Views

With a large number of tasks it is not always easy to get everything on one screen and see the details you need at the same time. Therefore you can zoom in and out in every view between 50% and 200% zoom factor.

How to use it

Pinch and Squeeze on Touch Screens

On devices with a touch screen you can do a 2-finger pinch on the background of a task list, kanban view, dashboard, map or diagram view to zoom in. To zoom out use a 2-finger squeeze.

Using the Zoom Scale menu

Open the "View" tab on the menu strip and select "Zoom Scale" this shows a popover to select pre-defined zoom scales.


Zoom Overlay

You can additionally use the Zoom Overlay to access the zoom menu (by tapping/clicking the current % zoom value) and adjust zooming (by tapping/clicking the + or - next to the zoom value).


The zoom overlay is always visible on Map and Diagram views. On all other views styles it is only displayed if you already started zooming and the current zoom factor is anything but 100%.


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