Organize:Pro 1.5
Mind Mapping features

Starting with Organize:Pro 1.5 Mind Mapping features become part of Organize. They give you a different perspective of your existing task lists and the dependencies between your tasks.

How it works
When we built Organize in the first place we already had this feature in mind. You just have to install Organize:Pro 1.5 and your existing task lists and projects can be displayed as List, Map (LR-Diagram) or WBS (Work Breakdown Structure). Additionally all views (List, Map, WBS) can be displayed in a compact form or show a more detailed preview and support the existing user interface themes.

Map on Windows

Map on Windows

Map on Mac

Map on Mac

To switch between List, Map and WBS view types click the view selector (see image above). The view selector is only displayed if you can switch to alternative view types, like in your Inbox or any project. Map and WBS display type are not available for calendar or dashboard views.

Editing in Map and WBS mode
You can double-click a task title to start an inline edit. Like in list mode clicking the checkbox completes/uncompletes a task and clicking on the paper clip shows the preview window for attachments (if your task has attachments).

CTRL-click or right-click any task to display the context menu.

To edit all task details open the Task Inspector either through the Window menu or toolbar on a Mac or through the Organize tab on the RibbonUI on windows.

Adding new tasks in Map and WBS mode
Select any task and use the toolbar/Ribbon UI, menu or shortcut to add a new task.

Rearranging your task structure
Projects and subprojects are always displayed with a black background and tasks are displayed with the selected color (color selection is available on the context menu or in the Task Inspector).

To rearrange your task structure simply drag your task and drop it on any project (moves the task to the top level of the project you dropped it on) or on any other task. When dropping on another task you get two different drop markers. Dropping on the left part of a task means you want the dropped task to be on the same level. Dropping on the right part of the task makes the dropped task a subtask.

Work Breakdown Structure

Work Breakdown Structure

Preview Mode
List, Map and WBS support a new preview mode. This shows additional task details.

List: In list mode you see the comment for a task displayed below the task title. The number of preview lines can be adjusted in the Preferences/Options dialog.

Map and WBS: In Map and WBS mode additional information for task review and planning is displayed (comment preview, duration, progress, review/start/due dates). The image above shows the preview mode layout for Map and WBS mode.

Save your Map or WBS as image
You can save your WBS or Map view with Share > Export > Export as Image… to a file. This creates a PNG graphics file.

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