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        Basic Task Management
x x x x Create Tasks and subtasks on multiple levels
x x x x Tag any tasks with contexts
x x x x Set reminders and get notifications
x x x x Repeating tasks by day, week, year, day of week, etc.
x x x x Add a formatted note to your tasks
x x x x Display tasks notes as preview in the task list
x x x x Add files to your tasks
x x x x Set color codes and priority or flag tasks
x x x x Define the timeline for each task (start/due date, duration)
x x x x Expand/Collapse subtasks
        Basic project management
x x x x Create Projects and subprojects on multiple levels
x x x x Set color codes and traffic light or flag projects
x x x x Set project status (Active/On Hold/Cancelled/Completed)
x x x x Define the timeline for each project (start/due date)
x x x x Add a formatted note to your projects
x x x x Expand/Collapse subprojects
        Basic context management
x x x x Create contexts and subcontexts on multiple levels
x x x x Set color codes and traffic light or flag contexts
x x x x Set context type (People/Location/Event)
x x x x Define details based on context type (Name/Location/Details)
x x x x Add a formatted note to your contexts
x x x x Expand/Collapse subcontexts
        Review your tasks
x x x x "My Day" panel for a quick access and overview
x x x x Next Actions: Review by due date, start date or reminder
x x x x Scope bar filter for projects and contexts
x x x x Search field to quickly find specific tasks
    x x Review by duration
    x x Dashboard to monitor KPIs for completed/open tasks
    x x Customize Dashboard to include next actions for most important projects
        Manage complex projects
  x x x Create new projects from templates
    x x Save projects and tasks as templates
    x x Mindmap view of task lists
    x x Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) view of task lists
        Share projects and task lists
  x x x Send task lists by email
  x x x Print task lists*
    x x Create reports as HTML/XML file*
    x x Customize / personalize your reports*
      x Share projects with other team members (read-only)
      x Share projects with other project managers (read and write)
        Manage task delegations and meetings
    x x AID classification - Action, Information, Decision
    x x RACI matrix for task delegation - Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed
        Track task progress
x x x x Set overall progress for your tasks
    x x Add comments to each progress step (by user for shared projects)
        Sync and integration
x x x x Autosync for Android, iOS, OSX, Windows and Web
x x x x Task-by-Mail to create tasks from forwarded emails
  x x x Displays calendar events in the sidebar*
  x x x Drop web links (URLs), files and emails to create tasks*
  x x x Import MindMaps from MindManager and FreeMind
  x x x Import from Google Tasks, Outlook Tasks or OSX Reminders*
        Defaults and automation
  x x x Auto-convert tasks/subtasks to new projects
  x x x Auto-move overdue tasks to today
    x x Define default values for new tasks by project
        User Interface
  x x x Customizable User Interface
        Security and Compliancy
x x x x SSL encrypted access and sync
  x x x Integrated backup feature
* Feature available on supported platforms only

Team Features

Integrated in Taskfabric

Share your projects with others!

Share any project and even your inbox with others using Taskfabric Cloud2. Invitations will be sent by email and project members can either use the free Taskfabric Cloud2 web access or their own Taskfabric installation.

Define project roles

You can invite others to join your project as Team Members (read only access) or Project Manager (read and write access). This keeps you in control over your project!

Participate using free web access

You don't need a license for every Team Member joining your project. They can simply use the free Taskfabric Cloud2 web access. No installation needed. This makes it perfect for distributed teams or projects with different company units and sub-contractors.

Progress Tracking

Track progress of your projects - instantly visible for all invited Team Members! This adds a whole new level to transparent project communication.

Connect with Taskfabric Cloud

Integrated in Organize:Me, Organize:Pro and Taskfabric FREE

Fast Cloud Sync

Free auto-sync between all installations using Taskfabric Cloud - no monthly fees, no payment plan! All included with your license!


Get your personal Taskfabric Cloud email address to create new tasks in your inbox by sending or forwarding an email.

Free Web Access

Access your tasks from any web browser for free! You can share your tasks with anyone you like for free!

Built for freelancers, project managers and professional users.

plays well with your office apps

With powerful features to manage large task lists, track task delegations and task progress.

easily manage complex projects

Your perfect companion for every meeting and for managing projects.

supports leading task and project management standards

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