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Native on all major platforms!
Deep integration makes it easy to use all the features on your favorite devices.
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Android Integration
Our products use deep integration into native platform features to deliver you a first class user experience with everything you are used to.
  • Google Calendar: Display your native Android Calendar entries in the MyDay Panel (displayed as list for the week) or side by side with your tasks in the "Next Actions" view.
  • Notification Drawer: Set the "Review Date" and time for your tasks to get a reminder and show them in the Notification Drawer.
Google Calendar Events
Use the "Next Actions" view to display upcoming tasks for review. With calendar integration enabled Google Calendar entries are displayed side by side in the "Next Actions" view.
For a direct view at upcoming events from your calendar display the Calendar bar on the MyDay Panel.
download taskfabric trial
download taskfabric trial
Notification Drawer
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Set the "Review Date" and time for your tasks to get a reminder and show the task in the Notification Drawer.
Tapping the notification brings you to the MyDay Panel to get a quick overview of all tasks for the day.

Built for freelancers, project managers and professional users.

plays well with your office apps

With powerful features to manage large task lists, track task delegations and task progress.

easily manage complex projects

Your perfect companion for every meeting and for managing projects.

supports leading task and project management standards

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