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Native on all major platforms!
Deep integration makes it easy to use all the features on your favorite devices.
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Deep iOS Integration
Our products use deep integration into native platform features to deliver you a first class user experience with everything you are used to.
  • iOS Calendar: Display iOS Calendar entries in the MyDay Panel (displayed as list) or next to your tasks by day in the "Next Actions" view.
  • Notification Center: Set the "Review Date" and time for your tasks to get a reminder and show them in the Notification Center.
  • Today View: The Today Extension displays overdue tasks in the Today view.
  • Siri: Create new tasks with Siri. Following the GTD® mindset your tasks will be added to the Inbox automatically.
  • Photos and Camera: Attach images to your tasks from your Photos app or use Camera to add a snapshot.
  • Apple Mail Attachments and Sharing: Use attachments and images in Apple Mail to create new tasks using the Share Extension.
  • 3D Touch: Force press your app icon (on supported devices) to access 3D Touch quick actions.
  • App Icon: Choose from different counters to be displayed as app icon badge.
iOS Calendar Events
Use the "Next Actions" view to display upcoming tasks for review. With calendar integration enabled all iOS Calendar entries are displayed as well.
For a direct view at upcoming events from your calendar display the Calendar bar on the MyDay Panel.
download taskfabric trial
download taskfabric trial
Notification Center
Set the "Review Date" and time for your tasks to get a reminder containing project information and task title in the Notification Center.
Tapping the notification brings you to the MyDay Panel to get a quick overview of all tasks for the day.
Today View
All our apps include a Today Widget that can be added to the iOS Today View.
The Today Widget displays overdue tasks with project and task title and provides a shortcut to add new tasks.
download taskfabric trial
download taskfabric trial
Do you prefer talking to writing? You can now tell Siri to create new tasks for you.
Try "Create task milk on OrganizePro" or "Create task sugar using Taskfabric" to let Siri create the tasks for you.
Photos and Camera
Attach images to your tasks from your Photos app or use Camera to add a snapshot from the Task Details Inspector.
We automatically add a thumbnail for image attachments for the Kanban view. If you add multiple attachments to a task you can choose the thumbnail yourself.
download taskfabric trial
download taskfabric trial
Apple Mail Attachments and Sharing
Tap and hold attachments or images in any message in Apple Mail to bring up the share dialog. Using this you can forward the tapped item (image/attachment), create a new task and automatically attach the tapped item to the new task.
This works with all other apps that support Share Extensions as well.
3D Touch
Force-press the app icon to instantly add a new task and get quick access to the Overdue, Today or This Week view.
On iOS 11 the Today Widget is displayed as well to show you overdue tasks.
download taskfabric trial
download taskfabric trial
App Icon
Customize the App Icon Badge from the App Settings to display tasks for review today, overdue tasks or the number of entries in your inbox.

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