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Frequently asked questions

How to use Project Templates

Often we encounter projects or parts of projects we have to to on a regular basis. Project Templates allow you to save your own projects (including sub projects) as templates and re-use them over and over again, or use the integrated templates.

How to create a Project using included Templates

Using the Template Dialog

To access the template dialog open the Project Library sidebar and open the "..." menu at the bottom. Select "Add Project from Template..." to display the dialog.


This will show the template dialog:


Choose any template and select "Create" to create a new project (including sub-projects) from the selected template. The newly created project is now accessible from the "Project" tab in the project library:

If you are connected to cloud sync, the newly created projects and tasks will be synced automatically to all your devices. You can modify, update, complete, etc the tasks the same way as if you created them manually.


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