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Project Templates

Integrated Templates

Taskfabric, Organize:Pro and Organize:Me come with pre-defined templates.
Access via "Add from Template" from the File menu or from the Library tab.

Out of Office

Prepare for your days away from the office.

New Coworker

Set up the workplace and introduce a new colleague.

Doing a presentation

Prepare a presentation or give a speech and get feedback afterwards.


Everything you need to get done when moving.

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Import Mind Maps

Taskfabric, Organize:Pro and Organize:Me can use Mind Maps created for FreeMind and MindManager as project templates.
Access via "Import MindMap" from the File menu or from the Share tab.


The mind map library contains thousands of free mind map templates and mind mapping examples to show you how real people around the world are using mind maps every day to improve their working and learning!


IQ Matrix offers 300+ professionally designed self growth mind maps for sale. After purchasing a mind map you get access to the mmap (MindManager) file that can be imported as project.


The site is the official mind map exchange from Mindjet for MindManager mind maps.

Online Templates

We're building an online catalog for free project templates here. Check back soon to download templates from basic stuff, like renovating your flat, to more complex stuff, like innovation management.
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